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Visual Art-artist Solvejg Refslund

Helnæs Byvej 15, Helnæs
5631 Ebberup
Tlf. +45 6477 1804

I am a textile artist and over the past 20 years I have developed my own artistic impression using the techniques of appliqué and collage. Through all these years, besides working on art exhibitions and decoration commissions, I have held art courses in textile art, where I can pass on my own experiences with working with pictures. This is why the participants on my courses experience a constant renewal of the way they experience and express themselves while using the appliqué technique.

My two expressions/methods are:

Textile art / appliqué

My base material is cotton that I paint first with remazol and textile paints.
Motifs, symbols and text are then pressed onto the painted material using a silk press.

Thus appear the first layers of the story in the base material. I then find partial-motifs in the painted materials, cut them out and sew them together to make up the main motif. Shadows are created using tulle and yarn.
Finally I paint/draw lines using a double thread on the sewing machine. In this way the appliqué expression is dissolved. The pictures are then stretched out on a raw frame.

Collage, fabric / paper

Over the past 8 years I have developed a collage technique, where I use my painted, printed cotton materials together with hand-made paper and pages from old books.

I mould paper using plant fibres collected in my local area and mix them with strong exotic fibres like cotton and kozo for the sake of durability. It provides the paper with a surface that, once painted, creates fine patterns made by nature’s materials.

Once the glued on layers of material and paper have dried on the canvas, I paint the various layers, washing off and re-applying acrylic paint many times until a motif appears that I decide to keep.

Over the past 16 years I have run my own course business with courses including accommodation, where women from Denmark and other Nordic countries have stayed and worked with me for 3-5 days. Many of them are quilters and they find it exciting and challenging to work with my techniques.
I have taken part at workshops and talks at the recent Nordic Quilt Congresses in Oslo and Stockholm and will participate in 2006 in Helsinki. My courses on textile art have become known as a new and different way of working with textile surfaces.
Furthermore I have taken part at the North Atlantic Congress in Reykjavik, Iceland, where 14 different countries were represented, and there I realised how little awareness there was about my way of working with textile art. This is why I feel that I can offer new inspiration to all those interested in textiles.
It is with this in mind that I am writing to you, offering my services as a teacher and exhibitor.

Further information about my work as an artist and teacher can be gained through the enclosed material.

Best regards
Solvejg Refslund

Using appliqué technique, I sew painted textiles together with yarn and tulle etc. The finished pictures show different people in a world full of symbols, a world in constant motion.


Using plants indigenous to Helnæs, I can produce handmade paper, that can either be mounted on canvas and painted or used untreated in my sculptures.

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